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Strickland Design

Strickland Design was founded by Nathanael “Nathan” Howard Strickland in 2005. The company is based in Atlanta, Georgia and serves hundreds of clientele across America and abroad. With over 20 sub-contractors and a diverse portfolio, the company exclusively specializes in internet marketing and advertisement.

Strickland Design delivers unprecedented quality at affordable rates. The company guarantees customer satisfaction and timely delivery from concept to completion.

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With our integrated portfolio of top-rated media properties, combined with our creative and customized marketing solutions, Strickland International can help you effectively direct the sale of goods and services to your exact target audience.

Strickland International is a fully integrated media solutions company that partners with you to create, define, devise and deliver the best solutions. Our strategists – both local and national – are the architects of customized, creative and effective marketing solutions that meet your specific goals. Leveraging our extensive market knowledge along with the best research division in the industry, we will tailor the right blend of digital, web, radio, print, direct mail and other local services to help you maximize your sales and build your brand.


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